This site, together with its written contents and drawn illustrations (except those explicitly mentioned) is passionately created by Muhammad Zulkarnain Hamzah, a transit network planning enthusiast and practitioner.

Special thanks to…

  • Moaz Yusuf Ahmad from Mississauga, Canada for igniting the selfless, altruistic drive towards promoting sustainable urban transportation since 2008
  • Jarret Walker from Portland, USA for being a role model for network planning clarity
  • Prof Raphaël Fischler from McGill’s School of Urban Planning for selfless guidance  towards ethical, evidence-based planning and research
  • Dr Rosli Nekmat from Urusbudi Transplan (consultancy) for the first opportunity to live up to my professional potentials beyond voluntary activism
  • Dr Prodyut Dutt from SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission of Malaysia, dissolved in end-2018) for the trust and liberty given to me in initiating positive change through transport network-related studies and projects
  • S M Sabri Ismail from Malaysia’s Prasarana (largest state-owned transit operator and asset-owner) for the intellectual sparring over urban transportation principles and practices in striking the right balance between bureaucratic and technocratic ideals